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All experience levels (including no experience) welcome, ages 10 and up!  ​

Guitar Lessons are taught by Miguel Hernandez and Ross Garlow. Learn how to play guitar or hone the skills you already have. Our teachers are experienced in a wide variety of genres and styles and cater each lesson to the individual to help them achieve their goals.  In-person or virtual lessons are crucial for improvement and motivation. There is no faster way to grow as a musician than to receive instant feedback from a professional with decades of experience.

Available stringed instrument instruction

Electric Guitar - Acoustic Guitar - Electric Bass - Upright Bass - Ukulele 


Lessons May include:

  • Technique

  • Chords and chord transitions 

  • Solos

  • Lead guitar

  • Rhythm guitar

  • Reading tabs

  • Finger picking

  • How to play in a group

  • Pedals and effects

  • palm muting



60 min lesson: $75

45 min lesson: $60

30 min lesson: $45

First lesson is 20% off

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