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Miguel Hernandez
Guitar, Bass, Ukelele

"Miguel Hernandez is a professional, diligent, and skilled
guitarist to work with. I have had the privilege of watching him
perform, as well as joining him in several ensembles. I’ve seen a
high level of adeptness in styles such as jazz, R&B, soul, hip
hop, and other rock-adjacent genres.  In addition to interpreting many covers in fun and creative ways, he has also written a great deal of lovely compositions...Given everything Miguel brings to the table, I couldn’t recommend a better guitar instructor..."

           - Sam Mendoza

Miguel Hernandez is a professional guitar and bass player who has played in the Portland music scene for five years. A distinct tone drawing from influences like John Scofield, Gilad Hekselman, and Wes Montgomery. Miguel works with a diversified array of groups and genres, ranging from a fluid blend of jazz, latin, rock, as well as neo-soul, pop, and indie. The definition of a musician who is not limited by genre, Miguel values classic tones and challenges the norm, both in terms of his creative visions and in his teaching and learning styles. An avid learner himself, Miguel studied under renowned Portland jazz musicians Alan Jones and Dan Balmer. In addition, Miguel has multiple ties with the Portland State University jazz program, working with numerous musicians on their senior thesis, including duo singer-songwriter gigs and jazz combo performances. Currently, Miguel focuses on his ensemble, The Miguel Hernandez Quartet, creating a positive space for him and his colleagues to challenge their approach to the gigging lifestyle, concentrating more on improvisation and self-expression as artists. Miguel centers on creative imagination and spontaneity with his students and takes a holistic approach when teaching guitar and bass. Focusing on the student's goals, Miguel prioritizes providing a welcoming, non-judgmental environment for his students to explore practical guitar skills, including tablature, notation, scales, chords, progressions, and improvisation, as well as functional music theory for gigging musicians.

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