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Ross Garlow
Guitar, Bass, Upright Bass, Ukelele

"My guitar lessons with Ross Garlow at Lydian Music Studios so far have moved me forward with my playing technique and hearing the rhythm of the music we are working on. Ross is excellent and even allows me to record some of our lessons so I can practice along at home." 
- Paul Lawson

Ross is currently 31 years old, a native of Philadelphia but now located in Portland as one of the premier musicians in the PNW scene.  As a young musician Ross started with the guitar at the age of 4 years old.  By the time he was 9 years old he was playing piano, bass, trumpet, mandolin, drums, and the list goes on.  In high school Ross had already acquired several musical accolades and began his private lessons on  guitar and bass at around 15 years old.  Ross’s decision to be a full-time performing bass player came when it was time for college.


Ross earned his Bachelor’s degree in Jazz Performance from Temple University with a concentration in bass. Directly after his first degree he earned his Master’s Degree also in Jazz Performance from Rutgers University (The State University of New Jersey) in which he graduated with a 4.0 GPA.  After spending his entire life to this point on the East coast his thirst for travel and exploration was at an all-time high.  This led him to a career as a Music Director for several cruise lines for nearly 4 years.  Ross has played for people all over the world and has visited over 50 countries.


Eventually the thirst to belong to a stable music community kicked in and that is how Ross ended up in Portland.  Portland has been a town full of musical opportunities for Ross since the day he arrived in late 2018.  The main attraction that led Ross to Portland was all the recreation the PNW has to offer, from backcountry snowboarding, to white water rafting, surfing, and fly fishing for Steelhead.  His musical abilities are wide and versatile.  You can catch Ross playing jazz on a Wednesday with Christopher Brown at the 1905,  jamming and dancing on the electric in front of a festival crowd with Reb & the Good News this summer, or maybe you will even hear him on the radio laying down tracks on Kennebec’s new record set to release the summer of 2022.

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