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lydian Access Fund

The Lydian Access Fund is a private fund managed by Lydian Music Studios. Contributions to this fund are considered gifts, not donations, and are not tax deductible. All contributions, minus processing fees, are for the sole purpose of removing or reducing the financial barrier to private music instruction provided by Lydian Music Studios.

Current L.A.F. recipient:

Mel Grey

"When we had Mel begin playing piano, he was almost 4 years old.  It wasn't because we thought he'd show any talent at it.  It was just a part of his lessons, like math or science or physical education.  We thought it would help to make him well-rounded.


But for whatever reason, every bit of it came easily to him, much more than anything else.  Even though he's always been a hard worker, he adapted effortlessly to everything that was thrown his way.  It seemed like maybe this was what he was meant to do with his life.


To this day, he shows an innate knowledge of music that we still can't fully comprehend.  We're thankful to have someone like Nicholas to guide and shape him along this journey that he's on.  Even though he's very talented, there's still so much for him to learn and it feels like he learns something new every week.  We're excited to see where these pursuits will take him."

-Mel's Family

The Lydian Access Fund, LAF, was created to remove the financial barrier to private music instruction for aspiring musicians. Our community is full of amazing talent and we want to help make music accessible for everyone. 


At the same time, we understand the value our instructors bring to their lessons in talent, creativity, and experience. To this end, we are not asking them to shoulder the responsibility of this fund. 

If you'd like to be a part of this fund please consider contributing below, or join us on December 18th, 6:30pm, at Lydian Music Studios for a night of caroling!

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