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All experience levels and ages welcome!

Piano lessons are taught by Nicholas Meyer, Jesse Preis, and Anna Meyer. Nathan Krishnaswami and Brigitta Teuscher are also available for piano lessons at the earlier levels. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced hobbyist, we cater each lesson and work with each student to achieve their individual goals however small or large they may be. We'll craft lessons to your musical tastes and make sure you are playing pieces you love! We'll work from various resources, utilizing a combination of method books, 4-hand pieces, sight reading exercises, long-term challenging pieces and more.


Lessons May include:

  • Sight reading notation

  • Chord charts and lead sheets

  • Technique/posture

  • Healthy mindsets while playing

  • Accompany yourself while singing

  • Releasing tension

  • Musicality

  • Healthy practice habits

  • Music theory

  • 4-hand pieces


60 min lesson: $75-$85

45 min lesson: $60-$75

30 min lesson: $45-$50

First lesson is 20% off

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